Watchdog Journalism Monitoring

Watchdog journalism traditionally gathers information about wrongdoings and delivers it to the public so the public can understand what happens. C84 uses watchdog journalism to understand market signals. 

Watchdogs and CyberSecurity

A CyberSecurity Watchdog is based on a continuous search job for reported vulnerabilities. Automated search requests take over the search for vulnerabilities. They search forums and company websites. Vulnerabilities are not uncommon and cannot really be ruled out. They occur again and again because software is always evolving. It is important to identify vulnerabilities in time, then develop the appropriate improvements (patches) and install them quickly. In the second and third steps, the normal user is dependent on knowing in the first place that he has to take action himself. Smartphones and PCs offer automatic updates. But for smart home devices, this process is rather unfamiliar. Normal users usually consider a WiFi radio as a radio and do not realize that software also plays a role here that needs to be updated.  💥 🚧 An IIOT watchdog monitors vulnerabilities in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) environment. These are simple smart home components (IOT) and components that control industrial machines. 

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IIOT Watchdog

An IIOT Watchdog is dedicated to the topic of security in the interest of consumer protection. Specifically, it monitors manufacturer portals and forums that write about and evaluate technical gaps in the smart home and industrial Internet of Things.

How does our IIOT watchdog work?

The IIOT Watchdog uses search capabilities and competitive monitoring to systematically evaluate search feeds and social media networks. Specifically, it monitors vendor initiatives and white hat forums worldwide. Exactly who is behind the account sensor can be answered in several dimensions: independent technical editors are responsible for monitoring the components. Of these, there are thousands who publish their findings. Among them are manufacturer blogs, technical publishers, but also hacker forums.   

C84 reads these account sensor reports via specialized software. This is an essentially automated process, similar to the analysis of RSS feeds. As soon as a reference to a software/hardware component relevant to our plans appears – the more detailed examination for content quality and relevance is carried out by a human. 

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Overexposure and Cybersecurity

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Corporate Blogging

The biggest weak point, however, is people. About 30 percent of all employees click on everything. Watch the HP series on IIOT Attacks - The Wolf.

Mandatory updates for devices and software are just as necessary as consistent user training. If a capable attacker really sets his mind to it, he will get into your system. There are always vulnerabilities. New patches create new vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, there are vulnerabilities in hardware. The only solution then is often to throw the product away.

The best defense strategy is the one that assumes that someone wants to break into the system and will succeed. So we have to constantly look for intruders, find them, and throw them out of the system. We can be your personal advisor and help you to set up your system and protect against information warfare.