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The Wolf – espionage showcase

The Wolf - is a series of Hollywood Style Short Movies. The series showcases espionage and potential network vulnerabilities. The movies centres heavily on cyber warfare and espionage. The Wolf is starred by Christian Slater.

The Wolf - espionage showcase

Do you still believe, that in 2020 attackers still show up at your front door, wearing a mask? And do you still rely on a old fashioned set of IT stacks that does the job just good enough? And do you still believe that old email servers or unpatched vulnerabilities shouldn’t worry you?

You are wrong. With the right framework, hackers can easily find out, what tech stack your organization is using. Some search engines like shodan will tell anyone about unpatched vulnerabilities and give anyone access to your core network. And with some time, it´s pretty easy to enter the core network and from there enter your mail system and manipulate internal communication.  

Hmm, sounds too complicated  to happen?  

HP has been leaning on cinematic creative to wow audiences. The movie centres heavily on technology, cyber-warfare and espionage – creating a platform with which to showcase HP products. Click to watch HP Studios and Christian Slater walk you through the story in 7 minutes. Hollywood style  … Fore! 

On Crime

The hunt continues

The second movie from printer and network specialists HP´s Hollywood-style implementation with Christian Slater. 

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