Developing Personas

Developing personas means collecting information that will help you paint a picture of who your target customers, influencers, partners really are.

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Internet Trends 2019

Short form video is the key driver for growth This year’s edition of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends highlighted short-form videos as a key driver of Internet usage growth...

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Social Audits and Interviews

Target Market Sizing

Target Market Sizing is necessary for business and marketing planning, and budgeting for all startups, especially when seeking third-party financing.

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How to collaborate in a decentralized way, and scale trust without relying on middlemen? That’s where crypto networks come in, and they’re not just the next big revolution in...

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Idea Checklist image

Idea Checklist

The Idea Checklist is an analysis based on 8 critical questions to validate the time until a business concept gets traction. We use the Idea Checklist to challenge the...

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