Working remote makes us more effective.

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    We can solve problems before they happen.

    When we spend our time reacting, putting out spot fires, and dealing with day-to-day issues, we become blind to the real problems. Extracting ourselves from this process allows us to identify and solve problems more effectively before they even happen.

    We can prioritize better and improve our creative thinking.

    Putting physical distance between ourselves and the office allows us to step back and look at everything we do in our day. As part of a decentral network, we can critically question where things really add the most value and what they should give the most energy to, thus avoiding getting caught in operational day-to day routines. /

    Route Cause Analysis

    Table of ContentsHow to Run a Route Cause Analysis?Step 1: Agree on the problem statementStep 2: Ask: Why Did This Happen?Step 3: Check: Is This

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    What are your Feelings