Threat Intelligence Services

A threat intelligence service provides current information on the threat situation of IT security through cyberattacks and other dangers. For this purpose, the service collects data from different sources and makes it available in processed form.

  • This may include deep web, dark web databases. Think of companies like Kaspersky, Cyveillance, Dell, FireEye, IID, LogRhythm, RSA, Symantec, Verisign among others. However, this may include search and social information from business networks and communities. It all depends on the relevant assets and threats.
  • Possible formats can be data feeds or reports for management and IT managers. Some systems can also provide technical IT security control bodies with data for automatically generated actions. The service provides information on security threats such as cyber-attacks, currently detected vulnerabilities in software such as zero-day threats, or security holes in hardware systems. The aim is to help organizations quickly identify threats and protect their own IT. Those responsible are enabled to understand the risks, close vulnerabilities, and prevent hacker attacks.
  • The data feeds range from IP addresses recognized as threats to dangerous domains or phishing URLs to malware currently in circulation. Information from various sources flows into the data feeds.