Route Cause Analysis

The Route Cause Analysis is a simple but effective way to understand the reasons, why something is happening. The result is a graph, that outlines the visible outcome (typically a problem) and a step by step investigation of the underlying phenomenon, which is causing the problem. Digging deeper, you are investigating the multiple reasons, that are causing the phenomenon.

Done right, the Route Cause Analysis provides the necessary insights to conduct an outside-in methodology market analysis. We use crawlers, our expert community feedback, and the interviews with key stakeholders to verify the results and avoid bias.

Route Cause - C84 - Route Cause Analysis

How to Run a Route Cause Analysis?

Step 1: Agree on the problem statement

Spend some time making sure that you have a good definition of the problem. Do not skimp on this step because if you have a muddy problem definition you will have a muddy solution.

Step 2: Ask: Why Did This Happen?

Simply determine what happened to cause the problem. Just go one layer at a time here. Find out, what adds the most value and what deserves the most energy and avoid getting caught in the day to day routines.

Step 3: Check: Is This a Root Cause?

Stop and ask yourself if the Why you just wrote down is the real and underlying root cause of the problem. If it’s not then you have another symptom and you need to go back to Step 2 and ask again.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have the final and underlying cause of the issue. You will need to ask the Why question several times to get to the root cause, so be prepared to keep going until you get it solved.

Step 4: Fix the underlying cause, and correct the symptom

Now you need to fix both 👉 the underlying cause ✅ and the symptom. ✅

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