Cybersecurity and crime

Reasons for Cybercrime

Cybercrime in the narrower sense is usually understood as “criminal offenses directed against the internet, information technology systems or their data”. This includes, for example, attacks that lead to a deliberately induced overload of the network of an institution or a company. According to police estimates, the greatest threat to German companies and public institutions are so-called ransomware attacks, in which malware is used to encrypt data files.

BKA statement 2021

The three main reasons for the increase in cybercrime: more opportunities to commit crimes due to the rapidly advancing digitalization, a professionalization of the perpetrators, and a growing offer for technically less experienced criminals to obtain malware and other cybercrime tools quasi as a service.

According to German police statistics, of the 108,474 cybercrime cases recorded nationwide in 2020, slightly less than one in three was solved. The clearance rate thus remained at about the same level as the previous year.