Onboarding 🚀

The onboarding process is a set of calls, emails, and reports that maps a path for us to follow. We create a plan for the duration of the project. This sets out exactly what we will be doing, who on our team will be doing it, when you can expect to see it, and what you have to do from your end to make things happen. 👍 

Step 1 - Demo

1. Expectation management based on a demo

2. The requirements and typical pitfalls to avoid

3. When better choosing Done-for-You

Configuration according to your! needs

level / format of stakeholder involvement

involvement of existing in house research

-internal or external disclosure of findings

Step 2 - C84 Research

1. Data Collection in Vertical Search Engines

2. Data Collection in Forums & Communities

1. Social Monitoring in Professional Communities

2. Alerts on Brand, Name, Product, Event mentions

1. Expert interviews within the Developer Communities

2. Expert interviews within the Financial Communities

Step 3 - Reporting and Optimization

1. The Power of Airtable

2. Building the Dashboards

3. Shared Reports & Alerts

Activity Reporting

1. Reporting against templates

2. Distribution of the findings in line with Step 1


Analysis and Iterations

1. Analysis of findings
2. Deep Dives 


/ Project Sign Off

   Closing Procedure

What are your Feelings