How C84 works

Today, you can get the firepower of AI for a relatively small price tag. But that doesn´t help you, if you don´t have the skills in place.

This is why we are offering “Done-for-You” 

We take care of the data collection and support you in scheduled zoom calls seven days a week. 

  • / We provide you with the tools and templates.
  • / We do the crawling to get things up to speed.
  • / We take care of the content updates.
  • / You can take things in-house anytime

We are serious about data ethics. You should be too. We have watched with concern the rise of poorly considered ‘data personalisation’ and data shadowing of individuals. We believe that aggregating data around individual persons, without controls on how that might be used in the future, is a dark path to walk. That is why we have always ensured that the data we collect and hold is aggregated around the expressed individual needs, not the individual humans who expressed them. This ensures that the data can only be used to meet those needs, and never to manipulate those people who need them. No personally identifiable information is held within the set, nor can such be reverse engineered out through aggregation with other datasources.

This theme issue has the founding ambition of landscaping data ethics as a new branch of ethics that studies and evaluates moral problems related to data (including generation, recording, curation, processing, dissemination, sharing and use), algorithms (including artificial intelligence, artificial agents, machine learning and robots) and corresponding practices (including responsible innovation, programming, hacking and professional codes), in order to formulate and support morally good solutions (e.g. right conducts or right values).

Read: What is data ethics?

We offer coaching sessions only to clients under a signed support agreement. Coaching sessions are delivered through scheduled zoom calls 7 days a week in the preferred timezone of our clients. We start establishing a shared clarity of purpose of the project in a demo. Schedule your meeting and let´s talk about it. 

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