Go To Market Definitions

Go To Market Definitions align our understanding of the framework, which we will use to go-to-market in the new region – In our case, Germany.

What is a Value Proposition?

Your customer value proposition is your starting point of the current international process. How do you ensure that you get your fair share of attention and profitable business? How do you ensure that your products and services are part of the solution that will help your customer and not part of the problem they are trying to solve?

What is a Distribution Strategy?

The Distribution Strategy defines the sales and marketing channels and processes for your type of product or solution and provides a foundation for making implementable and practical decisions concerning distribution on the short-term as well as long-term.

What is a Technology Assessment?

The Technology Assessment is an analysis of the technological foundation, policies, and procedures to manage product development, release plans, roadmaps, and support.

What is an Organization Assessment?

The Organization Assessment is an analysis of your organizational resources and structures about to your globalization ambition

What is a Distribution Framework?

The Distribution Framework includes all programs and the legal agreements required to enable the internal organization to successfully implement the distribution strategy.

What are the Go-To-Market Tools & Deliverables?

Companies usually use a broad range of tools for internal collaboration, market communication, pre- and post-sales support, and performance analysis.

What is a Market Outlook & Forecast

The Market Outlook gives you the answers to your most fundamental questions concerning market development in your business arena.

What is a Target Market Analysis?

The Market Analysis Demand Side gives you the information insight into what your potential customers are currently using? When are they planning to change?

The Market Analysis Supply-Side gives you information such as main competitors, their approaches, market size, dominating technologies, and price structures.

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