Local Content matters

Local content drives traffic
Whether an influencer is promoting you in a website review or in a tweet, including a link back to your website will drive their audience to check out your brand. If you’ve planned the campaign well, those visitors will be engaged and likely to convert. In addition to driving traffic, quality backlinks can help improve your website’s search rankings and traffic.

Local content boosts reputation.
A personal recommendation from a trustworthy source goes a long way in shaping someone’s opinion. Influencers are highly trusted by their audience, so an endorsement or partnerships can go a long way in building your brand’s reputation.

We will establish your thought leadership in Germany.
We drive press attention and create opportunities for syndication with partners. We produce evergreen content and extend your reach and see leads generated for months after the original publication. We build community and establish your credibility as a brand that educates potential customers and audiences interested in your area of expertise. You gain the share of voice on social media in Europe / the German-speaking countries.

  • Guest writing: you can either write something for an influential publication to reach their large readership or invite an influencer to post on your blog to attract their readers to your website.
  • Interviews and Q&As: interview an influencer about something both of your audiences have in common and publish as written, audio, or visual content.
  • Livestreaming: for a real-time and personal campaign, host an online event together to be streamed live.
  • Video series: a series of videos involving different influencers that people can tune in to can build a deeper connection with their audiences.
  • Reviews: to promote a specific product or service, inviting influential target customers to create a review gives their audience an in-depth recommendation.
  • Expert opinions: add more authority to the content you create yourself by adding in insights from influencers.
  • Branded hashtags and Giveaways: hosting a social media giveaway or contest alongside an influential partner expands the possible entries and increases the chance of virality.

Use Cases are

  • Lead Generation. Local Content is used to drive traffic to your website as well as capture leads through forms.
  • Lead Nurturing. As a lead develops, we have content that educates and informs in order to develop a robust lead nurturing program.
  • Lead scoring. Lead scoring should be based on how a prospect interacts with the content on your website and through nurturing campaigns.
  • Risk Mitigation. Content marketing develops trust by providing the buyer with information that will help them make the right decision. This allows them to reduce both organizational and personal risk.
What´s Next?

What´s Next

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