Cybersecurity Definitions

Cybersecurity And Privacy Playbook

CIOs and CTOs are transforming the foundations of their business with technology; for that transformation to succeed, you must transform your cybersecurity and privacy practices simultaneously. Forrester Research has defined a playbook for securing your customers, protecting your brand, and driving differentiation.

Cybersecurity And Privacy Checklist

A holistic view onCybersecurity And Privacy doesnยดt start with Server Location and what the U.S. Patriot Act means to your data. While this topic is a fundamental concern – itยดs not the only risk. There are many aspects, where your organization must act to protect your assets.

You can spend a fortune on local hosting and regular pen-testing. Unfortunately, that won’t protect you if your disaster recovery plan looks anything like the following Dilbert cartoon.ย 

dilbert desaster recovery plan

AI of Things – AIoT – or IoT at the Edge

Artificial Intelligence of Things โ€“ when Artificial Intelligence meets the Internet of Things. Combining these two technologies opens a wide range of opportunities for companies to innovate and digitize their existing systems. While IoT provides an enormous amount of data from connected devices, AI quickly extracts real-time insights from this data. This allows companies to make informed decisions without human interference. According to Gartner, more than 80% of enterprise IoT projects will include an AI component by 2022.