Content protection

While we gather information from public sources – we don´t share these findings easily.

Here is what we do:

  1. You have authorized credentials and register in your browser. 👉Google Chrome
    Now, your browser´s authorization secures that no one else has access.🔒

  2. We share less confidential findings without registration through CloudApp.
    This content lives on CloudApp servers and can be protected in some ways: 
    1. Google crawlers don´t find this content.
    2. Websitecrawls (🐸) don´t find this content.
    1. Links can get a password, end of life, and more. 
    2. CloudApp tells me / us about any individual view.  

If you still feel something is wrong, share 👉feedback and I will immediately take action.

Please update your browser, use safe passwords, and consider 2 step authorization. 🔒