C84 Value Proposition

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    C84 is an independent business consultancy specializing in Market Entry and Business Acceleration. Our key differentiators are working remote plus a commitment to asymmetric business models. 

    We have contributed to the internationalization of Digital Envoy, Smaato, Microsoft Advertising – Accipiter, Atlas Solutions, RadioOpt, and others. (-Testimonials).


    • / C84 is well able to be a PR front man, make authoritative presentations to audiences large or small or in workshop/seminar environments, and at Board level with customers.
    • / C84 is well able to work independently and out of time zone but also keeps clients fully briefed of all activities and opportunities to deliver excellent results.
    • / C84 has a broad understanding of the needs and imperatives for specialist online services and will be able to position the products and value propositions at all levels.

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