Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence combines Mobile Marketing and Proximity Marketing for small and medium companies. 

Mobile Marketing

We will make sure, your project is aiming for an objective that is worth winning.

C84 gathers insights from any topic discussed on the web, corporate websites, press releases, databases, social networks and investment communities.


Proximity Marketing

We will make sure, you know the interest and potential hidden bias.

C84 gathers insights from any topic discussed on the web, corporate websites, press releases, databases, social networks and investment communities


Target Market Check

Buying Center

Buying Center Check

  • 10 hours Executive Consultant
  • 10 hours Custom Research.
  • Facebook Advanced Search
  • Twitter Advanced Search
  • Google Advanced Search
  • LinkedIn Advanced
  • XING Advanced

We analyze what people ask search engines. And we can tell you what brands and individuals tell their social followers. You will understand your competitors' initiatives, client base, and hopes, and fears of their client base.

Social Listening relies on publicly accessible data and connects to forums and social networks. Brand names, stock market prices, and shareholders are public information as the product names, price lists, and ratings in the shops.

  • We include available inhouse research to speed up the process and align with your existing database structure. 
  • Senior stakeholder interviews are conducted by an Executive Consultant.

  • We take care of the data collection and support our clients in scheduled zoom conference calls seven days a week.
  • Airtable allow us to jumpstart, even when not all stakeholders are using the same cloud system.

  • The Parties agree that the cooperation is subject to common confidentiality terms and conditions. Access to information of a personal or business nature, which is not meant for public consumption, or is not already available in the public domain, should be restricted to those persons for whom it is required for the fulfillment of their duties under this agreement.
    The parties also agree that the cooperation in itself is of a confidential nature and no information concerning the agreement should be made available to a 3.rd party unless specifically agreed to in writing by both parties.

Standard Delivery Time is defined in working days (usually Monday - Friday). 5 Days mean that meetings can be scheduled on 5 individual days. Overall project delivery is capped to 14 days. 

// Solution & Value Proposition Synopsis

// Ideal Customer Profile, Ideal Partner Profile, 

// Complete profiles of each potential partner, basic address details, key contacts, size, market coverage, market share, customer profile, limited financials, key partnerships ...

Done-For-You means:  we will ask you what´s needed, but do our “little magic” at our own pace.

Done-For-You comes with a satisfaction guarantee. This means: We conduct immediate post-mortems after each delivery and you don´t pay for what you don´t like

The following resources must be provided by our client to ensure successful completion of the mission:

1. Briefing protects us from working against the wrong objectives. 

2. Scheduled Progress Review Meetings to tackle issues when required

3. Financial details and payments pre-agreed and working smoothly

Governing Law and Legal Venue.
This Agreement and any matters arising out of or relating to it shall be governed by and construed in accordance with German law.
Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or the termination or invalidity thereof shall be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Hamburg.