Ideation Bootcamp

There are many industries that are still relatively new to the world of online entrepreneurship. While they’ve perfected the craft of their profession, players in these industries are often eager to capitalize on the opportunities the internet offers but unsure of how to proceed, opening the door to competitors

Ideation Bootcamps are designed to help decision  makers business to quickly understand the principles of Search Listening and Social Listening and quickly find business opportunities and get guides access to competitive intelligence

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  1. Combination of Best Practice and Live Hacking. 
  2. You can bring in your actual innovation challenge. 
  3. We offer these workshops on-site and remote
There’s always room for different or better. That can relate to the product itself and its features, but also for operational, distribution, and other advantages that exist due to knowledge you have, an asset you own, or opportunity that’s available. 
Benefit: Find a new business opportunity, access to competitive intelligence.
Trigger: You have (expect) new competitors in your market. 

There is a growing number of boomers retiring every single day, both in the United States and across the world. As this growing population becomes more tech-literate, new products and services will emerge to support this group. The products that will survive will target specific pain-points that elders are facing across areas including financial services, digital wills, and increased loneliness, but also support the growing population who are preparing for retirement. Most of the solutions will rely heavily on technology.

| 🚀 Opportunities from ElderTech research: 🚀

  • Caregiving goes digital
  • Technology-Enabled Monitoring Systems
  • Healthcare Simplified
  • Financial Services for the Elderly
  • Online Legal Services (Including Wills and Funerals)
  • Additional Opportunities (building communities, accessibility, adult diapers, and digital “pets”)