C84 Research and Business Development Services

We combine the power of vertical search engines and a professional network built in 20 years.

A vertical search engine is distinct from a general web search engine, in that it focuses on a specific segment of online content.

  • / Reports and Expert Advice 
  • / Tools & Closing 
  • / Market Expertise
  • / Sales Expertise
  • / www & Social Monitoring
  • / Expert Interviews 
1 Competitors
  • 1. Direct competitors offer the same product as you.
  • 2. Indirect competitors target the same need with a different product.
  • 3. Replacement competitors compete for the same budget.
2 Patterns
  • / We’ll know when a competitor launches new campaigns and products.
3 Tools

/ We use web tracking, social listening tools and monitor backlinks to find sources that link to the competition.

Some data is easier to access than other.

Data from corporate websites is all public, so there isn’t a problem accessing it. Private data is much harder to get a hold of. Look out for sales reports, news articles, and press releases to see what info businesses are releasing


Gathering data from corporate websites, press releases, public databases, social networks, and investment communities. SEO metrics are easy to get. There’s a range of tools out there that can tell you about a website’s performance.

2. Community

Gathering data from discussions on professional networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Xing

3. Interviews

Conducting own research allows asking the exact questions you want from the exact people you want. Structured interviews with a hand-picked selection of executives and industry experts can be a costly process, but if done right the returns will outweigh the costs.