Competitive monitoring is the process of monitoring conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences. 

What makes C84 different?

C84 offers competitive monitoring with a satisfaction guarantee. C84 is neither a traditional research firm – nor a platform. There is no shortage in platforms or “guys for hire”, that will produce tons of data. … But tons of data rarely provide any value.

Traditional research firms sell consultant hours and long-tail content. They need to establish vendor lock-in.

Studies show the correlation between top-research consultants and corporate buying center. While there are good reasons for this, it often drives discussions about vendor lock-in and compliance.

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Platforms collect information and store the patterns. 

Example: AppAnnie Analytics gives you any insight you need to grow and monetize your mobile Application. Once, you install their little piece of software; they give you free analytics. Sounds great? It is great – unless you have a problem with them selling the same insights to your competitors.

However, you need to understand how to work with platforms and avoid the massive risk of losing market intelligence. Once, your data is out, there´s no return.

Product 1: Done For You

You hire the service, C84 does the job. Working with C84 starts minimum as a 3-Step Program, comes with custom onboarding and expert coaching sessions over the web at € 4.975 / each Step. 


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Product 2: Coaching

This is a paid mentorship programme, where we guide you through coaching sessions, usually delivered over the web.

We can help you understand the dynamics and develop an appropriate strategy.

While we could help with anything that´s discussed on the web, our footprint is on the traditional internet, including discussions on the open web, blogs, and social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Xing. We are aggregating available technology that gets better day by day. (You may fill in any buzzword that goes around AI, ML, big data and so on in here because that´s what pushes the learning curve in vertical search.

As platforms, analysts, and industry associations open up their databases, we provide immediate value for a fraction of the cost of traditional consultants.

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