Listening Services

Commissioned Research

Search & Social Listening to learn about competitors and layout future scenarios

Retained Advisory

Retained advisory relationships with a specific project, typically structured as 6 months retainer.

Search Listening

  • Personas & Use Cases

Social Listening

  • Campaigns &  Performance

Triggered Alerts

  • Alerts and Routines

Full Service

  • Completely Done-for-You

* Airtable is technically a database, used for data visualization, project management. We run reports according to your preferences against public sources and premium databases. You simply outsource the job and we call this "Done-For-You". Another option is that you hire us to walk you and your team through the process and your team remains responsible - we call this Coaching  

Done For You

  • / Done-For-You means Getting-Results-Quickly. We will ask you what´s needed, but do our “little magic” at our own pace.

Retained Advisory

  • / Coaching is a paid mentorship program, where we guide you through sessions, delivered over the web or on-site.
Step 1 - Demo
  • Expectation management based on a demo.  (this happens in a zoom call, takes 30 minutes)
  • The outcome will be clarity abound timing, budget to meet the desired level of customization.
  • We reach agreement about
    / configuration requirements,
  • / format of stakeholder involvement
  • / internal or external disclosure of findings
  • You decide if you want to place the order 
Step 2 - C84 Research
  • C84 Data Collection in Vertical Search Engines 
  • C84 Data Collection in Forums & Communities
  • Manual Sanity Checks by C84 Research Experts
  • This usually takes 5 workdays (depends upon the nature of the task)
  • C84 builds the agreed Reporting and contacts you by email.
Step 3 - Reporting
  • / Activity Reporting against agreed templates
  • / Management presentation on Zoom if ordered 
  • / Project Sign Off
  • / Talk about new activities 

No bias – No conflict of interest – if any researcher has actual data – we start from there. Our Service Delivery comes as management presentation, custom databases and scheduled exportsdistributed by email to the stakeholders across any tech stack (- no need for proprietary software).

stop guessing – start listening

C84 OU is a company registered in Estonia.

Registry Code: 14492366