Sembassy has helped tech clients since 2002 to enter the German market with lead identification, nurturing and pre- & post-sales.

Close Sales Faster

Understand Culture & Demand


We maintain a network of trusted local services providers

Local Opportunity

Black Swan Opportunities.

Q & A

Trigger moments for working with us are: 

you enter a new market – esp. Germany
– you look to partner with a company
– you buy a company in Germany
– you build a product or serve in Germany
– you respond to insurgent business model

We offer audits, coaching and implemenation

Audits and Coaching are offered as “boxed service”. Pricing starts at € 15k per project.

Done-for-you audits and coaching typically have a turnaround time of 6 weeks. 

Implementations are priced based value based.

If you are not familiar with it, you might want to read up on the unique features of German employment law.

You want somebody, who can help you with building the business. We call that an implementation.

Here is a go-to-market blueprint, that follows the principle to invest as little as necessary to understand but as much as needed to remain independent.

Compare “working with a local consultant” versus “building a team” or “buying an organization. Here´s an article for you:

We provide the mandatory service levels, you need for starting and scaling a tech based operation in Germany, as we have done since 2002 for amazing clients. 

Please check testimonials from global tech entrepreneurs, among them:

Smaato – Mobile Advertising Platform

Microsoft Advertising – Digital Media arm of Microsoft

Digital Envoy –  Global No. 1 in IP-Intelligence


Click the links for each client case and check LinkedIn for additional references from top executives.