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Use Cases

Industry knowledge has become fluid. With the right tools and tactics, you get a powerful weapon for Strategic Planning, Market Entry, Innovation Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Advanced Search provides relevant and up-to-date information about suppliers, buyers, competitors, enabling you to improve business responsiveness based on better knowledge of potential threats.

  • Find an opportunity

    Where is the impact from threats like the coronavirus?💥 Learn from search traffic volume and get signals 🚀.

  • Find buyers

    With state of the art analytics and our in market presence - we find buyers looking for services like yours

  • Find opinion leaders

    🔒 Premium Analysts and Product Comparisons Linkedin Industry Groups, Quora, Forrester, Gartner.

  • Understand your competitors

    Did C-Level leave the company, or did a shareholder sell? How good is their development team? 

  • Understand their partners

    How biased is their realation? Perhaps they just have the same shareholders?

  • Understand their customers

    How biased is their realation? Are they competition in other businesses?