Executive Management Reports

These are industry deep dives, where we inform the senior management about investment opportunities at a given time. We crawl the “best available analyst report“, best available feeds from multiple social sources, and conduct interviews with handpicked decision makers.

The C84 delivery usually includes Market Map & Eco-System, Stakeholders, Personas, Recommendations for Positioning, User Acquisition, Partnering.

User Groups and Reasons for Buying

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Social Monitoring

These are Social Monitoring Reports by third parties. We help our clients to identify the appropriate level and format

  • Social Engagement – we can track shares, likes, and retweets, and help you gain momentum on social media
  • Reach – We find out if you were mentioned by a major influencer or publication. See the reach of these mentions and aim for more.
  • Spread – Running a new campaign? Watch as new conversations blossom, and track them all back to the first post.
  • The share of voice – See who has the largest share of the social and web audience – you or your competitors
  • Sentiment Analysis – See whether your campaigns get the reaction they deserve. Measure sentiment and try to improve it.
  • Language and Countries – As you look to break into new markets, tracking mentions in these new countries and languages will be very useful.

Social Account Analytics

  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Instagram Account

Ways we can share the reports with you

  • PDF / Email
  • Scheduled / automated
  • Airtable Dashboard