C84 audits crawl the “best available analyst report”, best available feeds from multiple social sources, and conduct interviews with handpicked decision makers.

C84 reporting includes Market Map, Stakeholders, Personas, Recommendations for Positioning, User Acquisition, Partnering.

User Groups and Reasons for Buying Infographics

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Social Monitoring Reports

These are Social Monitoring Reports by third parties. Customers easily get lost with “hundreds of platforms”. We help them to identify the appropriate level and format.


Platforms collect information and store the patterns. You need to understand how to work with platforms and avoid the massive risk of losing market intelligence.

  • Social Engagement – we can track shares, likes, and retweets, and help you gain momentum on social media
  • Reach – We find out if you were mentioned by a major influencer or publication. See the reach of these mentions and aim for more.
  • Spread – Running a new campaign? Watch as new conversations blossom, and track them all back to the first post.
  • The share of voice – See who has the largest share of the social and web audience – you or your competitors
  • Sentiment Analysis – See whether your campaigns get the reaction they deserve. Measure sentiment and try to improve it.
  • Language and Countries – As you look to break into new markets, tracking mentions in these new countries and languages will be very useful.

Triggered Alerts

No matter who you are, what you do, or how hard you work, there’s always a better way to get things done. It’s all about taking small steps to improve your time management.

We assist clients by continuously keeping an eye on the market and sharing information when something important happens.

Ways we can keep you in the loop are:

/ scheduled / automated reports per email / PDF
/ dedicated customized Airtable Dashboard
/ Zoom WebConferences

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