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Der digitale Euro - EZB Infografik

Europe as a Global Digital Player

European consumers and businesses are increasingly using digital financial services for a range of different purposes. Technology companies are increasingly diversifying into financial services. move. The digital finance package brings benefits to both consumers and businesses

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Go-to-market Implementation Roadmap Germany

Go-to-market Implementation means taking a tech innovation to Germany. The concept is to gain valuable market insights, build trust with local bridgehead customers, strategic partners and understand the local competition before investing in local infrastructure.

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black swan south africa 2018

The Black Swan

A black swan is a high-impact, hard-to-predict and rare event that is beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology.

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NABC method by the Stanford Research Institute

The NABC method was developed in the USA by the Stanford Research Institute as a tool used for the development, assessment, and presentation of ideas. Using the NABC method requires a thorough knowledge of the value proposition. It is part of the plan itself to generate relevant and specific questions

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