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You are familiar with market structure & requirements in your home market but may have to realize different conditions in your target market. So, how much do you know about your target market? 

  • Do you know your Target Customers in the new region
    Do you have a precise understanding of the buying centers, buy cycles, and involved personas?
  • Do you know about your competitors in the new region? 
    Do you have a precise understanding of the decision centers and involved personas?
  1. Do you know the products & services your competitors are offering​?
  2. Do you know why our competitors’ customers buy products from them​?​
  3. Do you know some of their customers who are willing to leave them?

The readiness assessment is key to ensure project success, adequacy, and training of the personnel, and supply and reserve of support services or systems.

Donkey Problem
Donkey´s Problem – Credits to CB Insights

Will your project meet the readiness assessment?

CB Insights lists, why more than 80% of startups fail

They can result in lost capital, wasted time, and damaged confidence. Some of the challenges uncovered by the CB Insights study will be hard to predict — such as timing, whether you’ve hired the right people, and if you’ll make necessary pivots after launching the business. 

Don´t fly blind.

Going-to-market in a mature market is like running a marathon. Without serious preparation. there still a chance, you are making it to the finish line. But the race itself won´t be fun on kilometer 20 and you hardly make it to kilometer 42 without a massive impact on your health or in business terms profitability.

1. Challenge your Planning

Check, how well your company is already prepared to support business ambitions in the new region.

Three simple questions about your Value Proposition, Distribution Strategy, and Distribution Framework.

2. Challenge your Target Market Insights

Check the knowledge of the target market. You are obviously familiar with market structure & requirements in your home market but may have to realize different conditions in your target market. A target market like Germany comes with massive market potential, but hidden rules, a complex buy-side, sell-side, and serious local competition,

Working through the readiness assessment, chances are that you identify room for improvement with your existing go-to-market planning process or local target market insights. If so, we are here to help you with tools and localized processes and access to a network of local executives, and industry specialists. We have been in your shoes before, know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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