Partnership Opportunities

Rules For Engagement with Business Partners

1. Introduction

This document describes the C84 partnership model. It defines the options and benefits of each type of partnership. This model is intended as a framework within which individual agreements can be negotiated.

2. Strategy

We follow the fair process concept, NABC Pricing, and embrace tools for decentralized organizations.

  • Meetings are pre-planned, No decisions are made last minute.
  • Parties remain independent but contribute to agreed objectives.
  • Objectives and Key Results provide structure to work toward common goals.
  • We agree to report metrics and use them as a success barometer.
  • We conduct post-mortem after any relevant activity.
  • We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to our clients.

3. Types of Partnership Opportunities

These Partnership Opportunities are available:

3.1 Agent

As an agent, the partner acts as an independent extension and receives a commission for developing business opportunities. C84 only appoints agents directly to avoid conflict of interest between agents. 

3.2 VAR

A Value-Added Reseller sells the C84 solution as part of a broader offering. The typical Value-Added Reseller can be an individual advisor or marketing agency selling our Search Listening offering.

The Reseller will typically integrate the C84 solution with additional products and services. He is free to negotiate the overall deal with their client and usually incorporate the C84 solution with other products and services

4, Getting Started

A Heads of Agreement defines Roles and Responsibilities. 

  • Sales & Marketing
  • First-level customer support  
  • Second-level customer support  
  • Customer billing
  • Commission payment