Your clients want to grow in the EU in Germany

Become a C84 Partner and get local competitive intelligence and market insights. With No upfront investment you have a local in-market presence plus access to a suite of done-for-you services.

Do your clients care about business in the European Union?

Unless you are part of a global agency network, you may ask yourself how to respond to client requests willing to get your business up to speed in the European Union. You may have peers in London (which is not part of the European Union anymore), and definitively you have googled a lot and found some candidates on LinkedIn. But, let’s face it – many of them serve their networks and are hardly open to new requests. Others lack a professional structure – so you don’t know if they can handle a top client.

Our team started working with US-based clients in 2002 and served in different roles – from external advisor to “becoming part of the company” to prepare an exit. We have the processes in place to do US-West Coast time zones as well as Israel company culture. – just schedule a virtual meeting and we gonna find out if there´s a match. 

Partner Benefits

Access to marketing tools and Pre Sales Support

We share a wealth of tools and services with our partners.  This includes market intelligence and Done-For-You Services.  On-demand video content that you can send to your clients.

Customized Landing Pages

Get a customized co-branded website landing page that explains all of the C84 services, featuring: your phone number, email address and local photo of your city skyline or landmark to customize it to your city or town.

(built and hosted – FREE of charge to Partners)

Done For You Services

We discount our prices, so our partners can earn from reselling.

Post Sales Support and strategic alignement 

We protect your lead base against unwanted exposure. No conflict of interest. 


We follow the fair process concept, NABC Pricing, and embrace culture for decentralized organizations.

  • Meetings are pre-planned, No decisions are made last minute.
  • Parties remain independent but contribute to agreed objectives.
  • Objectives and Key Results provide structure to work toward common goals.
  • We agree to report metrics and use them as a success barometer.
  • We conduct post-mortem after any relevant activity.
  • We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee to our clients.

Types of Partnership Opportunities

While we can be pretty flexible in some points, we need to have a clear understanding about these points: 

  • Develop sales program
  • Develop business rules
  • Deal terms
  • Technical set up
  • Creative management
  • Budget management
  • Reporting to customers
  • Billing

Two Model are most common:


As an agent, the partner acts as an independent extension and receives a commission for developing business opportunities. C84 only appoints agents directly to avoid conflict of interest between agents. 


A Value-Added Reseller sells the C84 solution as part of a broader offering. The typical Value-Added Reseller can be an individual advisor or marketing agency selling our Search Listening offering.

The Reseller will typically integrate the C84 solution with additional products and services. He is free to negotiate the overall deal with their client and usually incorporate the C84 solution with other products and services

Getting Started 

A Heads of Agreement defines Roles and Responsibilities. 

  • Sales & Marketing
  • First-level customer support  
  • Second-level customer support  
  • Customer billing
  • Commission payment