Mobile Monday Germany 2008-2016

MobileMonday is a powerful think tank for mobile service development in more than 70 countries. The global organization was one of the early decentralized organization, following the famous ideas of the Starfish and the Spider literature. 

How Mobile Monday started

Autumn 2000 the who is who of the wireless technology and mobile content and device industry met in a pub for an informal get-together on a Monday evening.

Towards the end of 2004, the mobile developers movement started to spread to other global mobile device technology hotspots of the world and new chapters were started in the innovation hubs like Tokyo, Japan, Silicon Valley, USA as well as Rome and Milan, Italy and took the movement to the digital media and mobile marketing communities – 2014, Germany hosts the mobile evangelists in 5 cities (Berlin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Munich).

All MobileMonday chapters are founded and operated by mobile industry volunteers passionate to support the local holistic development needs. A typical chapter has 2 individuals founders/organizers with different backgrounds, and in their support local advisors to help find most relevant event topics and formats, presenters, sponsors, and to reach to universities, VCs, developers, VC’s, public and private sector influencers, and to communicate with all relevant individuals.

The chapters on local level get support and visions from the global side, knowledge share from already established chapters, but are more bonded by mutually agreed core values rather than guidelines or operational/brand manuals.

MobileMonday events take place in many formats – morning workshops, Saturday seminars, weekend hackathons, but mostly on Monday evenings in neutral locations. Events are mostly free (sponsor or public sector supported) but participants must be relevant and ready to contribute. MobileMonday is built on the belief that innovative and sustainable development is based on personal trusted peer relationships which again encourages knowledge sharing.

A MobileMonday chapter relates mostly to a suburb or city rather than a country. In 2016, there are some 140 MobileMonday chapters in 70+ countries, encouraging peer relationships and the willingness to share relevant know-how with peers.

This all takes time, but when established, are most effective in developing sustainable cluster knowledge, individual success cases, and cross-border business opportunities. We are moving from benchmarking into bench learning and from competition into collaborative development. One internationally successful local start-up can spark success into an entire cluster of companies, and innovative ideas can become global phenomenon even before the actual company is formed. MobileMonday has sparked hundreds of these success stories and continues to do so at an ever faster pace and reach.