Local Premium Content Creation

We either write something for an influential publication to reach their large readership or invite an influencer to post on your blog to attract their readers to your website.

  • Interviews and Q&As: interview an influencer about something both of your audiences have in common and publish as written, audio, or visual content.
  • Live streaming: for a real-time and personal campaign, host an online event together to be streamed live.
  • Video series: a series of videos involving different influencers that people can tune in to can build a deeper connection with their audiences.
  • Reviews: to promote a specific product or service, inviting influential target customers to create a review gives their audience an in-depth recommendation.
  • Expert opinions: add more authority to the content you create yourself by adding in insights from influencers.

Local Content Distribution

find influencers interested in your content topics and show them why your pieces are share-worthy and important
to their audience.

  • Social media takeovers: handing your social media profile over to an influencer for the day (or taking over theirs) brings their audience into your community and offers a boost in engagement.
  • Branded hashtags: if you have a campaign with a branded hashtag, recruiting influencers to use it will encourage their audiences to, as well.
  • Giveaways: hosting a social media giveaway or contest alongside an influential partner expands the possible entries and increases the chance of virality.