C84 Idea Checklist

The IdeaChecklist tells us about adoption rates for your idea. The 8 Questions to identify the roadblocks between your product and market success.


The invention of the first domestic sanitary installations is attributed to the Indus Valley settlements Harappa & Mohenjodaro 2500 bC. However, the actual dissemination of this undisputedly very good idea did not take place until the middle of the 19th century. Click the red icon to read more about it.


The spread of radio in the USA was successful. In 1920 the first commercial radio stations were launched. By 1922, there were already 600 radio stations. In 1930, 60% of all U.S. homes had a radio. Radio became the first electronic "mass medium" technology, Click the green icon to read more about it.

Few Dependencies

Physical Infrastructure - Relying upon others laying the groundwork, you might wait a long time for change to happen.
Business Infrastructure - Same applies for business infrastructure, where others may rule the pace.

Few Decision Makers

Multiple decision makers can ruin the ability to decide & move fast

Relative Advantage

Need and Performance - Fighting for attention, you need to stand out to be seen.
Little Behavior Change - Behavior change is difficult to rush.

Low Perceived Risk

Speedy Sales & Use Cycle - Speedy Use- and Sales-Cycles mean there are more entry points for new ideas.

How long will it take till your idea take off