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What are trigger moments and use-cases?

Trigger moments are

– you enter a new market
– you look to partner with a company in a certain space
– you buy a company
– you build a product or serve a new market
– you respond to insurgent business model

Understanding customers, competitors, distributors, technologies in use is key to increase one’s ability to compete with existing and potential new competitors. |

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Why should you invest in C84 audits?

To be successful in a new area, you need to analyze user groups and their reasons for buying (or not buying) and find out how to turn potential customers into shoppers in this new area. –

Answering growth questions is important, but hard | > Why invest?

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Do you need feedback on your actual Go-to-market?

Discussing your value proposition, distribution strategy and framework identifies opportunities.

1. Allocate 60 minutes of your time.
2. Go to and
3. Schedule a zoom-meeting with Axel

How to jump-start?

You want to get things rolling by giving C84 your current go-to-market approach and let C84 do the analysis.

1. Allocate 30-60 minutes of your time.
2. Go to
3. I will come back within 12 hours – usually within 2 hours.

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C84 offers audits, coaching and implemenation

Audits and Coaching are offered as “boxed service”, that comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Pricing starts at € 15k per project.

Done-for-you audits can be delivered within a week.
Coaching depends on the availabbility of our clients.

Implementations are only available for existing clients and priced based on the NABC method, which is perfect to align mutual interests between partners. Read more:

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What are the C84 briefing requirements?

Without a written brief the work can be creatively brilliant and extremely effective in working against the wrong objectives. Even if the aim has been verbally expressed, agreement in writing is essential to have shared clarity of purpose.

Read more:

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What´s coming after “research”?

Understanding the target market isn´t enough. You want somebody, who can help you with building the business. Here is a go-to-market blueprint, that follows the principle to invest as little as necessary to understand but as much as needed to remain independent. > Roadmap Template

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What´s the Value of working with a go-to-market consultant?

Look at the strategic impact. Compare “working with a go-to-market consultant” versus “building a team” or “buying an organization. > value-calculator

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What ´s our ethical commitment?

We are working in line with the standards of the German Allianz für Cybersicherheit, which means that we are using the power of available technology for good, often called white-hat initiatives.

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Where can I find client testimonials?

Testimonials, grouped per industry.

– Telco and Mobile Networks
– Payment and Cryptocurrencies
– Advertising Technology
– International-Business-Development
– Premium Brands

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