Competitive Monitoring is “available technology that gets better day by day” as it includes the benefits of artificial intelligence and massive computing.  You can easily benefit from dedicated analytics for your industry.

Many platform providers, analysts, and industry associations open up their databases so that complex services can connect through APIs in data management platforms. However, combining the pieces still on Amazon aws or IBM Watson involves serious cost.

While API calls may cost a few cents, physical infrastructure easily adds up to thousands of dollars. And, without a clear idea, how to turn the data into valuable insights (and valuable actions), this will not provide any value.

  1. Collecting the data
  2. Computing the data
  3. turning data into information
  4. turning information into insights

You can build an in-house intelligence or mandate a specialist which is usually a trade-off between time and money. If you have qualified analysts in your team, you won´t need any agency to collect or compute the data. An expert advisor could help you gather the information, insights behind the data.

You will face some organizational questions like Who is taking the lead and how to share information?

Should the marketing team social-monitor the existing customer base without sharing information with the responsible sales team?

Some of them may consider this kind of monitoring intrusive. The correct answer really depends on the kind of culture in your company and industry. Involving an external specialist can help you understand the dynamics of competitive monitoring with less risk. – Someone is spying at you anyway.

Turning data into insights into action

Our footprint is very much on the traditional internet, including discussions on the open web, blogs, and social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Xing. We are aggregating meta-crawlers and person to person interviews.

C84´s Service Model

Product 1: Done For You

You hire the service, C84 does the job. Working with C84 starts minimum as a 3-Step Program, comes with custom onboarding and expert coaching sessions over the web at € 4.975 / each Step. 

Product 2: Coaching

Coaching means C84 inspires and train your teamThis a custom onboarding and expert coaching sessions package. Coaching is delivered over the web and includes a minimum of 20 hours/month, starting at € 4.975 / month – 3 months minimum.

These filters do apply:

  1. C84 can help with anything that´s discussed on the web.
  2. Approaching a new industry requires the backing of our client.
  3. C84 doesn´t engage in projects that require the orchestration of multiple consultant teams. (- it´s annoying and expensive)

C84 covers these industries

  • Agriculture Tech
  • Robotics in Agriculture
  • AI in Healthcare
  • AI Startups
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Auto Tech
  • Beauty tech
  • Building tech
  • Cannabis industry
  • Construction tech
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Consumer robots
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity – Identity
  • Deep learning
  • Digital hospital
  • Direct to consumer Startups
  • Education tech
  • Fecal Ecosystem
  • Food replacement
  • Food startups
  • Food tech
  • Grocery Shelves
  • Grocery store tech
  • Healthcare IoT
  • Healthcare StartUps
  • Home Automation
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial IOT
  • Internet of things
  • Kasino Gambling
  • Legal Tech
  • Logistics
  • Medical Device Startups
  • Mobile Healthcare
  • Mobile Software
  • Next-Generation Commerce
  • OnDemand Home Services
  • Personal Transportation
  • Pet Tech
  • Real Estate
  • RegTech
  • Restaurant Tech
  • Retail AI
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart commerce
  • Smart Home
  • IOT startups
  • Subscription e-commerce
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Synthetic biology
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Vice tech
  • vitamin and supplements
  • Wearables