Some customers want the service levels from Gartner, BCG, and McKinsey, but themselves neither have the appropriate budget nor the internal workflows to take care of a qualified briefing and implementation.

We can get the most out of an available technology that gets better day by day. As platforms, analysts, and industry associations open up their databases, we connect and provide fair value for a fraction of the cost.

We can help you understand the dynamics and develop an appropriate strategy. Our footprint is on the traditional internet, including discussions on the open web, blogs, and social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Xing. We are aggregating meta-crawlers and person to person interviews.


  • Mobile Healthcare & AI
  • Crypto & Gambling
  • Voice & Wearables
  • Scooters & Micro-Mobility

While we could help with anything that´s discussed on the web, approaching a new industry requires the backing of our client.

C84´s Service Model

Product 1: Done For You

You hire the service, C84 does the job. Working with C84 starts minimum as a 3-Step Program, comes with custom onboarding and expert coaching sessions over the web at € 4.975 / each Step. 

Product 2: Coaching

Inspiring your team through expert coaching sessions, These can be delivered on-site or over the web.

We will set up competitive monitoring according to your most relevant use cases. You will get the results and your team will understand how to apply best practices.

  1. Collecting the data
  2. Computing the data
  3. turning data into information
  4. turning information into insights