Go to market as if you already had an in-market team

Enter a new market with ease – even if your products are complex. We help you with insights and on-demand services. Schedule a free private demo and we show you, how we can speed up your market entry. – Just schedule time with me – Axel Hoehnke

You are familiar with market requirements in your home market but how much do you know about your target market? Do you have a know the buying centers, buy cycles, and involved personas? Do you know about your competitors in the new region?

  • Do you know the products & services your competitors are offering?
  • Do you know why our competitors’ customers buy products from them?
  • Do you know some of their customers who are willing to leave them?
Our focus is on Sales, the function, that brings money to the company. 

Phased approach

  1. Get ready to grow.
  2. Drive structured growth.
  3. Extend the core service to additional markets
    or differentiate by specialization
  • Turn leads into paying customers
  • Establish/foster a partner incentive system
  • Foster visibility of client ́presence in the market

Organizational Excellence

  • The pre-/post-sales process
  • The role-model with partners
  • The virtual team management

Accelerate time to market

Launch in weeks, not months, by working with providers experienced in creating local market entry.

Focus on implementation by simplifying workflows with strategic guidance and pre-tested solutions.

Reduce cost & friction

No corporate bias – no fancy offices. Combine remote teams and local go to market  support.

Getting started

Our setup is pretty action-oriented. We don´t bore you with all things,  you already know from this website: Yes – our research makes a difference (🔗 why search listening is a game changer ). And yes, there is a long version of the go-to-market planning and implementation process.  But, this setup is pretty action oriented and requires the same level of decisioning on your end.