Strategy Advisor

Case: Structured company sale / Exit to corporate

A Strategy Advisor creates sustainable value by advising owners, founders, and senior management. He gives you insights to plan and implement a company sale (exit). He will augment your internal resources while preparing a company transaction and primarily be a valuable asset, as your top executives are busy taking care of their day jobs.ย 

Often potential buyers of the company are actual business partners. Protecting the relationship with them is extremely important for both parties. While one party will become the new owner of the ventures, many other parties still ne to be motivated to keep the relationship with your company effective. Selling can be an emotional process, and an external advisor acts as a buffer during negotiations.ย 

A careful early analysis of business initiatives and individual technology positions gives you unique knowledge of online market conditions to inform studies of market sizing, growth forecasts, and competitor mapping. The competitive monitoring framework and procedures give you the necessary insights to plan a transaction as a proactive corporate strategy extension.

The nature of the project and the mission to be accomplished defines the timelines and dependencies. We will discuss aย reference project and align our understanding of roles, responsibilities, modules, deliveries, and expected timelines.ย This discussion gives us a clear picture of the hurdles we will have to expect and the suitable level of involvement to support your ambition.