Onboarding πŸš€

Table of Contents

  • Project Plan and Milestones

  • Objective and Key Metrics

  • Deliveries and Gurantees

Result: Shared clarity of processΒ 

When we are onboarding new clients, we want to include addressing any questions, gathering necessary information, and making preparations so that the project can begin as smoothly as possible.

The onboarding process is a set of initiatives (calls, emails, and reports) that maps a path for us to follow. We create a plan for the duration of the project. This sets out exactly what we will be doing, who on our team will be doing it, when you can expect to see it, and what you have to do from your end to make things happen. πŸ‘Β 

Onboarding Call

Schedule your onboarding to get a started with your project in an assisted meeting. Please allocate 30 minutes.Β 

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