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Go to Market Products

C84 offers an independent view and judgment. We follow a solid go-to-market planning and implementation process, that accelerates your market entry and decreases risk. The

Become A Partner

We are independent specialists in our niche and know how important it is to team with other experts.   We follow the fair process concept and

Brand Center

C84 is talking about Watchdogs and Cybersecurity. Today, George Orwell’s novel 1984 is more topical than ever.


Briefing protects us from working against the wrong objectives. Efficiency is achieved by clear aims and focus of effort. The view that not writing a

Go To Market Failure

The main reasons for failure are according to CB Insights: Financial returns not coming quick enough – Overly ambitious business plan– Marketing in the wrong

Go To Market Definitions

Go To Market Definitions align our understanding of the framework, which we will use to go-to-market in the new region (- like Germany) or vertical

Go To Market Performance

A Key Performance Indicator helps to understand how the operation is performing. It acts as a compass, helping us understand whether we are taking the

Watchdog Demo

C84 is more a done-for-you service than a “do-it-yourself” self-service. Click to schedule your private watchdog demo and let’s talk.  Agenda: Why is Advanced Search