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Onboarding Support

Step 1 – Introduction / Demo Expectation management based on a demo. The idea of Process Templates and Checklists The requirements and typical pitfalls to

Superhuman – CCCB ART 2016

Cyborgs, superhumans, and clones. Evolution or extinction? What does it mean to be a human today? What will it feel like to be a human

Cybersecurity and crime

Reasons for Cybercrime Cybercrime in the narrower sense is usually understood as “criminal offenses directed against the internet, information technology systems or their data”. This

Cybersecurity Performance

A Cyber Performance Indicator helps to understand how the operation is performing. It acts as a compass, helping us understand whether we are taking the

Cybersecurity Definitions

Cybersecurity And Privacy Playbook CIOs and CTOs are transforming the foundations of their business with technology; for that transformation to succeed, you must transform your

Cybersecurity Products

An independent view and judgment. The question is not if but when attackers will go after your company and what you will do to protect


We will curate some research about the global powerhouse. On the back of its base of nearly 1 Bn internet users, Chinaโ€™s eCommerce sales grew


Metasearch covers sources as Google, Facebook, Amazon (you get the idea), technical data (network signals, census). There is no scarcity in data points and computing power.

Content protection

While we gather information from public sources – we donยดt share these findings easily. Here is what we do: You have authorized credentials and register in your browser. ๐Ÿ‘‰Google