User Groups

Opinion Leaders


We discover user groups and their individual reasons for buying (or not buying) to structure the local target market – and already find out how to turn potential customers into shoppers.

Reach out at the right time

Instead of competing for clients in the same crowded fields, why not look somewhere new? The markets are full of opportunities and we have information to help you capitalize on them. See when companies get funding, that‘s when they‘re growing, have the capital to spend and need your products or services as they expand.

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Market segmentation – objective

  1. The objective is to define and structure a target market.
  2. Segmenting business markets allows following market-entry concepts, such as blue-ocean-strategy versus red-ocean-strategy.
  3. The Secret-Sauce of Segmentation is competitive monitoring, which provides superior insights about buy-side, sell-side, competition, key individuals and organizations that define the target eco-system.

Market segmentation – how to get started?

  1. Analyze key brands, teams, and actors.
  2. Follow their activities and look for soft indicators 
  3. Analyze the buy-side and the demand side per segment
  4. Choose your local market entry point and beachhead.

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Market segmentation – an outcome template

Discover User Groups and Reasons for Buying 1
Discover User Groups and Reasons for Buying 2
Groups 1 Reasons for Buying 3
User Group 2 and Reasons for Buying
User Groups 3 and Reasons for Buying

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