Why does it matter?
You understand the interest and hidden agenda and can save time and budget by focussing your own activities. You enjoy little barriers to adoption and can start selling quickly.

How to do it?

The process is based on the power of social search, the wisdom of the crowd, and finally, deep dives with hand-picked professionals.

  1. Competitive Monitoring gathers data from corporate websites, press releases, databases, social networks, and investment communities
  2. Follow their activities and look for soft indicators on the traditional internet, including discussions on the open web, blogs, and professional networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Xing.
  3. Structured interviews with a hand-picked selection of executives and industry experts can give your ambition the final touch

Discover bridgehead clients

  • Analyze exactly the “requirements of the underserved niches”.
  • Challenge, if that´s still in line with your distribution strategy.
  • If yes, make them your local market entry point and beachhead.