Developing personas means collecting information that will help you paint a picture of who your target customers, influencers, partners really are. Where do they live? Are they male or female? How old are they? Do they have children? 

Questions to ask when developing personas

What is their job and level of seniority?

If you’re a B2B company, this piece of information becomes more crucial. Is your persona at a managerial or director level, and well versed in the intricacies of your industry? They’ll need less education than someone at an introductory level, who may need to loop in other decision makers before making purchasing decisions. 

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What does a day in their life look like?

Are they spending more time at work, or at home? Where would they rather be? What do they like to do for fun? Who are the people in their life that matter most? What kind of car do they drive? What TV shows do they watch? 

What are their pain points?

You’re in business because you’re solving a problem for your target audience. How does that problem affect their day to day life? Go into detail, and focus on the nuances that illustrate how that problem makes them feel.

What are their goals?

What would make your persona get really, really excited about your product or service? 

Where do they go for information?

You need to understand how they consume information. Do they go online, or do they prefer to learn in-person or by reading newspapers and magazines? If they’re online learners, do they visit social networks? To Google? Which sources do they trust the most; friends, family, coworkers, or industry experts?  

What experience are they looking for when shopping for your products and services?

The experience of purchasing your product should align with your persona’s expectation. What kind of features do they expect your product to have? What should their sales experience feel like? Is it consultative?

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How much time do they expect to spend with a salesperson?

Do they anticipate an in-person meeting, or would they rather conduct the sales process online or over the phone?  

What are their most common objections to your product or service?

If you can anticipate the objections your persona will have, you can be prepared for them in the sales process and perhaps even educate them in your marketing collateral to help allay fears right away.

What might make them reticent to buy from you or any other provider in your industry? Is this their first time purchasing a product or service of your kind? If not, what caused them to switch products or services?

What´s Next?

What actions are needed to make someone shop your product? Outline the steps required to walk through the buying process.

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