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just a little teaser

Try some keywords around innovation in 4 research sources. You will find out that some combinations make absolutely no sense, while others are valuable. We look at 200+ sources, including social networks and premium research institutes. Some sources put their results behind logins. 

Next, you will realize that some terms are much too broad. Tesla certainly is highly relevant for innovation, but does it work in your unique situation? Use the form â¬‡ï¸â¬‡ï¸â¬‡ï¸to add a new keyword and tag it with innovation. You will find the keyword added instantly and become able to challenge the relevancy of the four teaser-sources.  – please remember: here it´s just a teaser.   

👉 If that all comes easy, try it yourself. 

If that´s interesting, but you don´t want to spend the time to take care of it. – 👉 reach out  

Done for you, because DIY doesn’t work for everybody 👍🏻