The happy path is the ideal buyer journey

The happy path is the best possible, most convenient journey that one lead should take to end exactly at the point you want him to end in the journey of experiencing your service. 

To make the process of mapping customer journeys for B2B marketing services less painful and frustrating we use the UX template platform, that has been tailored in such a way that you can start mapping right away. 

Aligning Sales

The Sales Planning process is designed to avoid the key reasons for failure when going to market. The focus is on business implementation and the process can be started at any stage in the life cycle of a software company taking advantage of previous business planning and implementation efforts.

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Starting with the Value Proposition

Your customer value proposition is your starting point of the current international process. How do you ensure that you get your fair share of attention and profitable business? How do you ensure that your products and services are part of the solution that will help your customer and not part of the problem they are trying to solve? Sometimes, political decisions can provide extraordinary opportunities. E.g. the Brexit should have a massive impact on the way, U.S. firms will enter the European market.

Brexit is a Black Swan Scenario, a high-impact, hard-to-predict and rare event that is beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology. A Black-Swan Scenario examines the influence of highly improbable and unpredictable events that have a massive impact. However, with change comes opportunity. What may be a challenge for many established market actors can provide a great opportunity for new business models.

Distribution Strategy

The Distribution Strategy Definition module takes your sales planning through a thorough analysis of the sales and marketing channels and processes for your type of product or solution and provides a foundation for making implementable and practical decisions concerning distribution on the short-term as well as long-term.

Organization Assessment

The Organization Assessment is an analysis of your organizational resources and structures about to your globalization ambitions. This is even more important in times of uncertainty due to changing politics. With a black swan scenario like Brexit, international software firms might need to challenge their established delivery chains.

Technology Assessment

Without any advantage in your customer value proposition, we recommend you to go back to your lab and rework your plan. But a superior product/solution offering is not enough. You also need a technological foundation and firm policies and procedures to manage product development, release plans, roadmaps, support, critical bug fixing, etc. This fact sheet describes the Technology Assessment services that will enable you to handle and manage the product and technology-related requirements arising from a sales channel. Incumbents might have a perfect understanding of their industry but will fight disruptive change due to a technology shift e.g. blockchain. Local Go to market services give you the flexibility to move into the new market quickly but decide on significant investments in local teams, office infrastructure, and headcount later.

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Target Market Analysis

Only a limited number of customers will purchase software or software-based solutions in another country. You need to know the mega trends in your area of operation and who your contenders are. How do you get insight into what your potential customers are currently using? When are they planning to change? How do you learn about the competitors who are supplying your potential clients? The Market Analysis Demand Side gives you exactly this information. By letting us undertake a dedicated and targeted market analysis by interviewing selected potential customers you get that insight. The most obstacles in a new market are competitors and customer behavior. The Market Analysis – Supply Side will provide information such as main competitors, their approaches, market size, dominating technologies and price structures. The diligent target market analysis is key to understand the local target market structure.

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Distribution Framework definition

The distribution framework includes all programs and the legal agreements required to enable the internal organization to successfully implement the distribution strategy. There is no sales planning without a rock solid set of templates, telling everyone what to do and which tools to use. Our network can leverage clear guideline and provide sales Initiatives to give you a jump start in the European Union. We have best practices in place and access to buying centers.

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Go To Market Tools & Deliverables

Companies usually use a broad range of tools for internal collaboration, market communication, pre- and post-sales support, and performance analysis. Contact us to have a chat about our checklist for initial onboarding. Check the list of sales terms and performance indicators and contact us to discuss, how we can support your business ambitions in the European market.


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