Covid19 – Reporting Coronavirus

Data has a better idea means when converting data into insights and processes which determine how others perceive problems. Here is the coronavirus crisis story told by a set of charts and maps.

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Data has a better idea

Data can tell a story

A picture says more than a thousand words. An animation shows the hidden patterns in a complex challenge like “How to fight a virus?”. The coronavirus crisis highlights the potential of Data Visualization. 

All graphics are based on data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, as published by Our World in Data. 

Numbers for confirmed/reported cases are meaningful only in a limited way since most cases have not been confirmed and most confirmed cases have recovered.

Data visualizations are done by the mazing team of Flourish and the award-winning data studio to visualize and tell stories with data. 

Why did we put this collection together?

The coronavirus crisis creates an unparalleled amount of data points. As the nature of the coronavirus is not so different in each country, we can learn a lot through comparisons.


COVID19: Impact breakdown by country

COVID19: Confirmed cases by country

COVID19: Confirmed cases since 100th case

COVID19 Europe view: deaths by country

COVID19 World view: deaths by country

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