The Competitor Report shows Companies and Products, that are competing for the same budget.

This simple Competitor Report lists Companies and Products, that are competing for the same budget. It´s one of the delivery formats, you will enjoy when planning to go to market in a new area or product area with us. 

A Competitor Report for demonstration purpose 

Stakeholders need to instantly on the same page, when it comes to project status and how to move forward. That written, we work in an environment, where not everybody uses the same cloud system. Web-based collaboration tools like airtable will allow the team to jumpstart.  

We do the hard work and keep the Competitor Report up to date

We do the hard work and provide you with the tools and templates. We do the crawling to get things up to speed right from the beginning. We take care of the ongoing content updates.  No stupid excel sheets but a maximum level of transparency. 

Seamless Competitor Report to foster efficient team alignment

The user interface allows grouping and searching for the company name, product name, feature or target audience. It´s a beautiful way to align stakeholders from different areas and technical and non-technical backgrounds. The decision centers can understand the importance of features and address target market niches better.