What does competitive monitoring mean?

C84 Competitive monitoring means understanding customers, competitors, distributors, technologies in use to increase one’s ability to compete with existing and potential new competitors

Why does competitive monitoring matter?

To remain competitive, enterprises must adapt their business models, establish specialist data science teams and rethink their overall strategies to keep pace with the competition.  Gartner

Competitive Monitoring Use Cases

  • Product deep Dives
  • Track Market Innovation
  • Understand Similar Markets
  • Understand A Competitor Product
  • Scope Expansion

What can C84 do for you?

C84 delivers custom target market research. We are a small team of seasoned specialists with a track record with fortune 500 and small tech startups. No platform – no hidden bias.

C84 gathers insights from any topic discussed on the webcorporate websitespress releasesdatabases, social networks, and investment communities.

The building blocks of Competitive Monitoring & Cybersecurity


Competitive Monitoring gathers data from corporate websites, press releases, databases, social networks, and investment communities to improve your Marketing, Sales, and Support.


Our footprint is very much on the traditional internet, including discussions on the open web, blogs, and professional networks like LinkedIn, Quora, and Xing


Structured interviews with a hand-picked selection of executives and industry experts give this ambition the final touch.

C84 Delivery Models

Done-For-You is ideal for you, if you just want to get a job done and don´t want to spend endless time in communities or learn python scripts.

C84 Done-for-you means:

you specify the job and we deliver the result. 

Example: We outline the Market Map, build the Individual Customer Journey and identify relevant Trigger Events.

Coaching is ideal for you, if you haven´t made up your mind about how to get started or organize multiple sources of information

C84 Coaching is custom training, that enables your team to get started with competitive monitoring and setup routines.

It´s usually a 3 months program, delivered over the web, starting at € 4.975 / month. (tax excl.)

At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies. 
John Chambers, Chairman of Cisco System