Smaato runs the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange and has been pioneering innovative, mobile-first solutions for publishers since 2005. Smaato’s SPX is a global, intelligent and free to use self-service platform & ad server that brings native, video and real-time advertising to over 90,000 mobile app developers and publishers.

The company’s worldwide reach provides a massive variety of advertisers with one single integration. Smaato manages up to 10 billion ads every day around the world, across over 1 billion mobile users each month.

Role: VP Strategy and Business Development

2011/2  – Vice President Strategy and Business Development – APAC, Americas, and EMEA –  Responsible for Smaato’s transition to Programmatic Media Trading, Real-Time Bidding, and Data-Driven Marketing on Supply Side (Developers of Mobile Applications and Publishers of Mobile Websites) and Demand Side (Mobile Ad Networks and Demand Side Platforms).

Axel is one of those few folks who understand both what the business needs and how the technology needs to support the business. His command of the digital media space, from both technical and business dimensions, is truly impressive.  And, he's a great human being and a pleasure to work with!