Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is the Media Technology and Services arm of Microsoft.

The purpose of Microsoft Advertising is to empower business to connect with their target consumers across multiple digital touch points and optimize advertising impact through our world-class partnership services.

Microsoft Publisher Services offer a wide array of media solutions that help Publishers sell more of their inventory, increase yield, and find more opportunities beyond the inventory they have to sell today.

Role: Head of Publisher Solutions – Market Entry Microsoft Publisher Suite: AtlasSolutions, Rapt (Yield Management), Screen Tonic (Mobile Advertising) Vibe (Behavioral Targeting) and Massive (In-Game Advertising) technology

Update // 2013 – Facebook acquired Atlas from Microsoft and relaunched it in late 2014. Atlas operates independently of Facebook and is sold separately from Facebook’s ad products. By relying on anonymous Facebook identifiers, Atlas can measure whether individual users were exposed to digital ads across devices, correcting the limitations of cookies, which rarely correspond one-to-one with individuals and don’t work on mobile. Atlas has an especially strong advantage on mobile. Atlas mobile-ad measurement can access 50% of all user time-spend on mobile and has the potential to measure three out of every five mobile minutes already in 2015.  Read more: > Business Insider 

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