Hiogi innovated direct customer support via mobile devices – even before the uptake of ubiquitous Instant Messaging.

The company was a Berlin-based startup backed by Hasso Plattner Ventures and Stroeer Mediaventures. Users could send questions via Premium SMS, MMS, or Email, and the Hiogi Service Community answered them within minutes.

Revenue streams arose from Premium SMS, MMS, fees, targeted text ads within the messages, and premium charges for white label installations. Hiogi has built and operated white-label installations for clients like Postbank, OTTO Group, and Hagebau. 

End-user needs: People want simple search functionalities on the mobile phone and value individual advice.

Corporate clients` benefits :

  • C2C: High-quality answers at low cost
  • B2B: Mobile customer support service
  • Easy Call-Center Integrations
  • Drives direct sales


Role: Interim CEO and Company Sale 2010/11

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