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Industry knowledge has become liquid. With the right tools and monitoring tactics, you gain a powerful weapon for strategic planning and market entry. Advanced search provides relevant and up-to-date information on suppliers, buyers and competitors, enabling you to enter a new market with better insights and knowledge of potential threats.

We go through a checklist of initiatives that should be part of any go-to-market programme.
We also help you with best practices from the German, UK and Israeli tech communities.

Sprint objective

Provide you with

  1. Checklists to outline Your Status Quo.
  2. Provide you with Benchmarks and Quick winsΒ 
  3. Quick wins from the Business Community.

How we do it

Systematically searching cyberforums applies advanced search technology to find threats, recommendations, and fixes.

  1. Understand competitors

    Did C-Level leave the company, or did a shareholder sell? How good is their development team?

  2. Understand their partners

    How biased is the relation? Perhaps they just have the same shareholders?

  3. Understand their customers

    How biased is the relation? Are they competition in other businesses?

Who is it for?

C84 Cybersecurity Sprints are best suited for small or medium-sized companies that do not have a clear go-to-market strategy yet.

Especially if you are new to data driven marketing and have neither the time nor the budget to build an internal team.

Why a 2 Week Sprint?

C84 Sprints are two weeks of interactive sessions where we solve a problem using search listening and social auditing techniques.Β 

C84 challenges the status quo using current alerts and empowers your team to build a sustainable security programme.Β 

2 week Sprint

Interactive Course
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