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Reverse Engineering relates to the product itself and its features. Techniques like Search listening deliver massive data-points to provide you with a new perspective on your product / category / features / competition / market trends.Β 

We are walking through a checklist of initiatives that should be part of any Innovation Program.
Plus, we will help you with best practices from the German, UK, US, Israel tech communities.

Sprint objective

  1. Provide you with an Innovation Checklist to outline the Status QuoΒ 
  2. Provide you with Innovation Benchmarks and Quick winsΒ Β 
  3. Provide you with a Practical Example on Community Support

How we do it

C84 watchdogs are searching cyberforums to find threats, recommendations, and fixes.

  1. What problems do people report?
  2. How many people share that problem?
  3. Which fixes work best? Why?
  4. What issues are not solved?

Who is it for?

C84 Cybersecurity Sprints are best suited for small or medium-sized companies that do not have a clear crowd sourced innovation strategy yet.

Especially if you are new to swarm intelligence and crowd sourced innovation and have neither the time nor the budget to build an internal team.

Why a 2 Week Sprint?

C84 Sprints are two weeks of interactive sessions where we solve a problem using search listening and social auditing techniques.Β 

C84 challenges the status quo using current alerts and empowers your team to build a sustainable security programme.Β 

2 week Sprint

Interactive Course
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