Module 4: Watchdog Action Plan

The Watchdog Roadmap provides for threat identification and incident response initiatives to protect your business – trust and physical assets.

Module objective

  1. Mapping Risks, Threats and relevant Sources.
  2. Requirement Setup – who should be informed? 
  3. Finding distribution – How should the stakeholders be informed?

Mapping Risks, Threats and relevant Sources.

C84 watchdogs are searching cyberforums to find threats, recommendations, and fixes for your challenges

  1. What problems do people report?
  2. How many people share that problem?
  3. Which fixes work best? Why?
  4. What issues are not solved?

Who should be informed?

C84 distributes the findings in these formats:

  1. Management Report / 
  2. RSS Feed / Email Alert 
  3. Custom Portals
  4. Deep Dives

Action Plan