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Watchdogs and Search listening

Thanks to AI, Cloud Computing, and Superfast Networks, Search listening and watchdogs are the new norms. Google alone computes 4 Billion Search Queries each day. Brand names, price lists, ratings, stock market prices, and shareholders’ information (Cap Tables) are public information.


Watchdogs and Information Warfare

Information warfare systematically collects insights from data leaks on publicly available social profiles. The Trump campaign by Cambridge Analytica showcased how easy identity theft can happen.

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Watchdogs and Go-To-Market

Taking a tech innovation to a new market requires understanding the local competition before investing in local infrastructure. Recruited bridgehead partners and customers played a crucial role in the successful market entry. Watchdogs are essential in each stage of the process. They deliver the necessary insights to recruit and onboard the most suitable customers and partners.


Watchdogs and Cybersecurity

Watchdogs are software programs watching systems and informing the us to understand what happens. Think of a wearable gadget that monitors your heart rate while you are running. Maybe it only logs your records – it beeps perhaps – or passes the data to another device. We use the same principle to find security alerts..