Axel Hoehnke

Axel is a Senior Business Advisor. Based in Hamburg, he works for advertising, software and network security clients from the USA and Israel. You can reach him on LinkedIn or Xing or schedule a conversation with Calendly


2018 - Present

Advisor to Software & Network clients. Audits and Strategy ConsultingFounder & Managing Partner.

2002 - 2018

Positions with Tech Startups

Positions with global adtech tech leaders like Atlas Microsoft, Smaato, RadioOpt (Vodafone), Mobile Payment, Crypto-Assets, and Real Money Gaming Specialists.

1992 - 2002

Positions with Global Corporates

Marketing Sales Management positions with Mars, Bertelsmann, Premiere (aka SkyTV), Thomson Multimedia. Helsinki Telecom (Elisa Group).

About Me

I help investors to avoid the costly mistakes others have made in the last years when building and growing an international tech business. Based in Hamburg, I work for software and network clients from any region.



Cyber Security Alliance

2008 -2015


Co-Founder, Board Member Germany. Global Think Tank in 70 countries, Developer hub.


Dipl. Kaufmann, Marketing & Innovationsmanagement


Go To Market Planning & implementation 89%
Mobile Connected Services - Tech Stack 75%
Cybersecurity & Background Audits 64%
Merger / Exit Preparation 50%
Revenue & Team Management 85%