Axel Hoehnke - Digital Business Consultant

Axel acts as a trusted advisor for CEO‘S and their management teams. He has held senior management positions with Tech Startups and Global Corporates for more than 20 years.

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2018 - Present

Consulting firm specialising in the transformation and digitalisation of companies and their business processes.. Founder & Managing Partner.

2002 - 2018

Positions with Tech Startups

Positions with global adtech tech leaders like Atlas Soutions, Smaato, RadioOpt (Vodafone), Mobile Payment, Crypto-Assets, and Gambling Tech.

1992 - 2002

Positions with Global Corporates

Marketing Sales Management positions with Microsoft, Helsinki Telecom (Elisa Group), Thomson Multimedia, Bertelsmann, Premiere (aka SkyTV) and Mars Inc.

Skill Mix

Go To Market Strategy & Implementation
Revenue Management
Connected Services - Mobile and Voice Tech Stack​
Cybersecurity and Background Audits
Merger / Exit Preparation


since 2019

Cyber Security Alliance

Member of the Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit 

since 2017

e-Resident Estonia

Estonian digital identity, giving access to e-estonia, secure digital service framework.  (read more)

2008 -2015


Co-Founder, Board Member Germany. Global Think Tank in 70 countries, Developer hub.


Dipl. Kaufmann

Dipl. Kaufmann, Marketing & Innovationsmanagement. CAU Kiel,  1992

What is e Residency?

The eEstonia framework isn´t just another Tax Haven but offers secure established infrastructure, interoperability services, and e-Identity. I became an eResident in Estonia in 2017 (- and it has been a steep learning curve).  

The eEstonia framework enables secure and convenient digital services.  

  • Online Government: I can use my electronic ID card to access the government’s e-services, including paying taxes, registering a business, and more. Home Schooling: Computers in every classroom since 2000.
  • Interoperability services are built on X-Road, e-Land Register, Population Registry.
    Security and safety refers to KSI Blockchain, e-Law relevant for e-Justice and e-Police. The free.e-Identity is built on ID-card, Mobile-ID, e-Residency, Smart-ID and leverages the suite of services to other countries. 
  • To understand the potential – check: Estonia’s most valuable Tech companies
e-residency card image

About Decentral Organizations

While the term New-Work has become popular in the last years – it´s not new at all.

starfish versus spider organizations image

The Starfish and the Spider analogy outlined the principles of remote (decentral) organizations. The famous book revealed how established companies and institutions, from IBM to Intuit to the US government, are also learning how to incorporate starfish principles to achieve success.

The Starfish and the Spider
by Ori Brafman
Release Date 2006-10-05

🖥  Rework by Jason Fried is a great inspiration about Remote Culture and pros and cons of company size and external funding.