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Atlas Solutions

Facebook’s Atlas is an ad server that also allows ad buyers to measure, target, and optimize digital and mobile ads any across digital channel

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famous fails yellow paper balls

Understand Threats

Famous Fails happen to the best. Startups and Corporates get outcompeted by incumbents or traditional competitors that adapt much faster to the changing way of doing business.

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Route Cause - C84 - Route Cause Analysis

Route Cause Analysis

The Route Cause Analysis is a simple but effective way to understand the reasons, why something is happening. The result is a graph, that outlines the visible outcome (typically a problem) and a step by step investigation of the underlying phenomenon, which is causing the problem

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Predictive Healthcare by Digital Services

Predictive Healthcare outlines the shift from traditional reactive care to proactive healthcare. Predictive Healthcare is empowered by big data and machine learning. This is changing the way healthcare goods and services are being delivered to the population.

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stop guessing – start listening

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